Zone lockdown for login page

I am using the ZONE LOCKDOWN under IP Firewall to block my wordpress login page. ( I am putting in my IP only.
This way I can only log onto this page and no other person or bots will be able to access it.
Is this advisable? Should I be using the Zone lockdown for this?
Thanks for the help.

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That’s a pretty good use case for it, definitely.

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@drsaw123 We’ve also added the /wp-admin directory and reduced a lot of useless traffic to the origin.

Should it be:* (do i include the *) ?
Also, are you entering (Do i need to add a * or anything else to this?)
Thanks for the help.

No wild cards are required. Just use URI Path Contains /wp-login.php &
URI Path Contains /wp-admin and Block if it does not contain my IP.

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