Zone Lock Down not working for Mac users

We have a requirement to allow access to certain urls only from with in our Company’s VPN (We are using Global Protect VPN). I have collected the IPv4 CIDRs of all VPN gateways and setup a Zone Lock Down rule, so that incoming requests from those CIDRs will only be able to access the specific sites. But, unfortunately it is not working for MAC users as their requests are automatically being routed through IPv6.

Is there way that I can make it work for MAC users are well.

Able to find out the IPv6 address block associated with the VPN?

No Eric. I have put up a request to our Network Team to get me those details and awaiting on them. But, in the meanwhile I tried converting the IPv4 NetRange one by to IPv6 and then tried converting them to CIDR using IPV6 Range to CIDR Calculator - Convert IPV6 Range to CIDR

Then I have added the IPv6 CIDRs to zone lock down rules, but the issue still persists.

Can you have a Mac user try something like and then plug that IP address into a /64 CIDR?

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