Zone keeps emailing that it's active and then reverting back to pending

One of my clients has updated their nameservers to point to Cloudflare.

I have received many emails now saying it’s active, but when I check in the Dashboard it is saying Pending.

It seems like the system has got stuck in the validation process.

The domain is:


Same issue here - keeps getting mails every 5-10 minut…

Using historical data on they see the nameservers changing a few times in the last month. You should get your client to check who has access to their registrar account, and who is changing the nameservers.

I’m having the same issue.

@tomaisthorpe, I do not see what @michael saw on the earlier thread on your account, can you share the name of the domain here and perhaps a screenshot of your DNS records (block out IP addresses)?

It started to work after 3 or so hours and countless emails.

Not 100% sure why it was struggling as usually it takes 10mins or so.

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