Zone is not eligible + Issues that shouldn't exist

Hello support,

In Cloudflare overview; Domain Registration:
Registrar: eNom (domain is egistered via GreenGeeks)
Transfer to Cloudflare: Zone is not eligible notification.



www is something we do not use or reference, because it’s a diminishing practice since year 1995. It just takes precedence of a subdomain, making anything else secondary, and on, not to mention a hurdle for DNS, in regards to the internet, also not an intelligent way to communicate for some saying www out loud in front of everything, especially when AI content readers are active, that people listen to on smart home devices.

In any case,

WordPress Cloudflare plugin was installed.

APO Activated.

WordPress site health shows no caching plugin activated.

When www is enabled on domain, Cloudflare plugin works. Although web3 features do not, including elements on website.

Can cloudflare work without www?


As I understand it, for the Cloudflare plugin to work, the website links should use a Cloudflare proxy.

Currently, uses a partial CNAME Cloudflare setup(proxy only for “`”)

By enabling a full Cloudflare setup I will be able to enable a proxy also for “” and probably Cloudflare plugin will work without www:

Utilizing only Cloudflare APO function 5USD a month at the moment.

Looking for the following solutions:

  1. Zone not eligible.
  2. Cloudflare plugin should work regardless, and be recognized by WordPress.

Thank you in advance.

That’s because the domain’s status is clientTransferProhibited. You can’t transfer a domain to ANY registrar, not just Cloudflare, when it’s in this state.

If you’d like to transfer the domain name away from your current registrar eNom/GreenGeeks to Cloudflare Registrar, you need to first unlock the domain at the current registrar. Then it will become “eligible” for transfer.

It’s that simple… and has nothing to do with all the stuff you wrote.

But note that you don’t need to transfer your domain to Cloudflare Registrar to use Cloudflare’s CDN/WAF services.

When www is enabled on domain, Cloudflare plugin works. Although web3 features do not, including elements on website.

That’s because you’re currently using your host GreenGeek’s platform integration with Cloudflare, which gives you limited control and features.

To have access to all of Cloudflare’s services and full control over your DNS zone (including the ability to run Cloudflare proxy at the apex domain), you need to change your nameservers and complete the full setup.

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Got it.

I’m not looking to transfer.

The stuff I wrote is valid in regards to www, more so, the plugin should work regardless. Millions of plugins on WordPress, and Cloudflare plugin isn’t working.

Thank you for sharing the link, it’s the same one I shared initially.

Where do I enter the nameservers? Your DNS zone file is hosted by GreenGeeks, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.


What are the Cloudserver nameserver names, and where can they be located in the Cloudflare dashboard?


Cloudflare nameserver names*

You need to remove the partner integration and add the domain to Cloudflare directly.


And then by adding GreenGeeks nameservers to the domain on Cloudflare will fix the plugin to work on WordPress?

The domain is unlocked, the following issue; Registrar: eNom, the notification says zone is not eligible when curser is moved via Transfer to Cloudflare

Customer support via ticket system is slow to answer, or provide further advice. It’s unheard of to transfer a Domain to have a WordPress plugin working.

Which isn’t too big a deal, if this was working.

What is paid support if APO is 5x12=60USD a year, to receive some sort of communicative response, within a timely manner.


Transferring the domain to Cloudflare registrar is not a required step. Have you remove the existing integration at your host and added the domain to Cloudflare directly? Once added have you updated the nameservers at your registrar?

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I’m just looking to have Cloudflare plugin to work on WordPress, and have APO enabled.

This isn’t anything that is supposed to be extraordinarily difficult.

In all honestly, I have no clue what you mean.

If you read this entire thread.

I can’t locate Cloudflare nameservers in the dashboard, because Cloudflare is partnered with GreenGeeks. This alone, should have the Cloudflare plugin working.

I would like to receive step by step guidance, not parables.

You’re saying, “you don’t need to transfer your domain to cloudflare, but you snould add the domain to cloudflare directly, then you just add nameservers.” Someone who is reading this thread is definitely thinking, “what the ■■■■.”


This is an attempt to transfer the domain to a new registrar. That is not required to utilize Cloudflare.

I have.

Step 1. Remove the partner integration at GreenGeeks … if they can’t help you with that you will need to open a Cloudflare billing ticket to ask to have the plan type modified.
Step 2. Delete the domain from Cloudflare.
Step 3. Add the domain to Cloudflare.
Step 4. Change your namservers at your registrar to the pair Cloudflare provides.
Step 5. Something something parable.

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Got it.

Thank you.

If the domain does not need to be transferred and is with it’s registrar, where the website files are, then after following all the steps you provided, and adding Cloudflare nameservers to the aforementioned domain will still link to the website, and it will work?

Or do I just transfer the domain, and add GreenGeeks nameservers?

I’m just looking to utilize the least confusing, and error free route.

Upon following aforementioned steps.

Website went down.

DNS settings are setup correctly.

Once again, no support.

Just invoices from subscriptions of deletion and re-add of websites of APO activation.

Support marks tickets as solved, when not a single one of them is solved, and never was.

Luckily Clourflare service is a drop in the ocean so to say of similar services on the internet.

Improvements needed, if customer support is sht so is the service, might as well be called CloudSht.

Not a good look for those just hearing about web3, and IPFS.

For all the people who use the internet (which is about 56.7% of global population, or 4.1B people), they aren’t getting on cloudflare or services with tyrannical, and hierarchical structures such as this, and mainly not lack of, but no support. When nearly every ticket, and message board ends with “see your hosting provider.”

We’re glad the domain wasn’t transferred, because then there is a 60 day waiting period.