Zone is not able to be upgraded at this time. Code: 1258

Hey, folks!
From April 2021 I want to upgrade my domain to Business or Pro tariff but get an error:
The zone cannot be updated at this time. Contact [[email protected]] (mailto: [email protected]) for assistance. (Code: 1258)
I tried to transfer this domain to other (new) accounts and with the same error does not allow paying for it from new accounts.
Send two emails to [[email protected]] this year and they went unanswered:
1.23 April 2021 13:01 GMT + 3
2.31 august 2021, 13:01 GMT + 3
I created ticket # 2256595 and they tell me that I can’t write a ticket because it’s a free plan.
My account have balance fro Pro plan, and 2 working bank cards
Any ideas on how to reach a support?

@Laurie might be able to take a look at this.

Thank you!
Ticket have all screenshots + youtube video with migrating to new account + payment fail with code1258 too

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Hi @po1,
I have escalated your ticket to our team at this time.


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