Zone ID for domain controlled by Bluehost


I need in global API key and Zone ID for WP Rocket cache plugin.
But my domain is controlled by Bluehost.
I could find the global API key in Account setting.
But I can’t find Zone ID because I don’t have site on Cloudflare panel.
Support of Bluehost wrote me:
Cloudflare will give details to add domain to the account , it will be free for Bluehost user
How I can find my Zone ID?

Thank you for your help

If you are a customer of Bluehost THEY should provide you with these data. They are making money with you, so they actually should give support to you.

But beside that, the documentation shows how to get your ZONE IDs and other IDs with an API request:

Thank you.
I will try to get an answer from Bluehost.
Using an API request is difficult for mу

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