Zone Hold error for domain not using Cloudflare

Another person is transferring ownership of 2 domain names to me. When I log into Cloudflare, click Add Site and add the domain names, I immediately get this error: The zone name provided is subject to a hold which disallows the creation of this zone.

The current owner does not use Cloudflare. There’s a chance someone earlier may have used Cloudflare but neither he nor I have access to this.

The current owner has full control of the domain and DNS. I already have the authorization code to transfer this domain, so this error message is preventing me from moving forward.

I tried opening a support ticket (3234076) which promptly auto-closed because your bot detected the domain mentioned in the ticket, saw that I was not the owner and closed the ticket.

When I call the toll-free number for Cloudflare, the automated message says to email support@cloudflare. Did that. Promptly got an auto reply email stating that the email address cannot be used for support.

Need help.

I do see both of the domains you are referring to are already active on Cloudflare

You can find more details about the Zone Hold feature in our documentation:

You will need to contact the owner of the Cloudflare account where the zone is active so they can disable Zone Hold for this zone.

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