Zone files need updating from cloudflare

Any idea how i can make this happen. Godaddy tells me the nameservers are up-to-date on their end…its been this way for a long long time i just kind of gave up before, but i need it to work now if possible.

Which name servers? If you post the domain name, we can take a closer look.

Hey Sdayman, is the domain and the nameservers are

Its been setup this way for months i just could never get it to work and gave up at the time, but hoping to get it resolved now.

Your DNS records point directly to Google hosting. Whatever’s not working is due to a server issue at Google. Who configured your server over there?

hey Sdayman,

all that was requested was to point to these respective nameservers which were updated respectively on godaddys end and confirmed working.

Screenshot - 4c6a537cc31fcf24613ea552229eb3a3 - Gyazo - heres an image from godaddys DNS management tool

Are you saying these nameservers should be something else from Cloudflare? because that is what Cloudflare says to use (also seen in screenshot below).

It doesn’t really matters which name servers you use. What matters is you have the correct DNS records for your hosting.

You didn’t answer this important question:

Im guessing when you mean ‘over there’ you are referring to godaddy and the only thing that was updated in godaddys DNS records was the nameservers themselves pointing to cloudflares…There is no domain forwarding or hosting setup under that particular domain ( the goal was to proxy the domain through Cloudflare to hypeddit as instructed in a video i watched from hypeddit

here is a screenshot of the Cloudflare setup if needed as well

im not sure what else to do here as im getting confused everything appears to be setup correctly from godaddys end.

The circled DNS entry indicates that your site is hosted at Google. You need to get that to work over at Google. This isn’t a GoDaddy or Cloudflare issue. It’s a website hosting issue.

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