Zone deleted?


My zone was working just fine until it was removed by today according to the audit log.

I don’t know why this was done. Can someone advise?

Is it possible to restore the zone?

Whats the domain?

I’d rather not post the domain publicly, but the audit record is: 92a18604-abe7-5787-96e8-90dfd95b26fd

In that case I can only refer you to support.

I’ve already opened a case (1594939) but I heard it can take days to get a reply and I really need my zone records back.

Days usually not, but it can take a day.

My guess would be you didnt set the nameservers properly, but without knowing the domain thats just a guess. You will need to talk to support to get this fixed.

That’s what I’ve been reading too but the zone was working on Cloudflare nameservers for months, and it was only purged today (Nov 1). When I created the zone again it told me to set different Cloudflare nameservers.

If the nameservers were wrong before, how was the domain working properly?

Its best you wait for a response from Cloudflare.

OK. Thanks @sandro

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