Zone deleted from IP Address without any users logging in


We recently noticed that one of the sites we manage was down, and when I looked for it, it was no longer in CloudFlare’s dashboard.

Looking in the audit log, audit record 143320f2-d63a-50c2-8b20-925cb4f80193 shows that the zone was purged, but there’s no record of the user in question logging in, and the IP address listed is

We don’t use the API or anything, so there isn’t really another way for anyone to edit anything.

Was CloudFlare compromised or glitched somehow?

I’m also wondering if there’s a way to recover that domain from before this deletion.


The only way I’ve seen a zone get auto-deleted is if it’s not using the Cloudflare name servers assigned to it.

I’m sure Support has more insight into why it was deleted: support AT cloudflare DOT com