Zone deleted -email

I got the following zone deleted email:

The zone: “example” in account: My Account was deleted by Cloudflare on 2023-02-21T10:24:29.006788Z.

My DNS is managed by company A, and Cloudflare integration to my site example is managed by Cloudways. The site has been working correctly for a while. I am not sure exactly what has happened. My site seems to work as should and the DNS records are in place. Cloudways customer support was unable to provide any insight to what has happened.

There are two audit logs from today:


Date: 2023-02-21T12:24:28+02:00

User IP Address:

Resource: Zone

Audit Record: ba1f40ef-1719-5aa8-89b5-3c4f8e7bc012


Tls settings deployed

Date: 2023-02-21T12:24:32+02:00

Resource: Zone

Audit Record: df2af812-eed7-4ee0-945b-84fcf23c7809

Why did I receive this email, what exactly has happened?

From the info provided it seems like the zone was removed from you account due to not having the NS pointing to Cloudflare.

My guess is the NS are pointing to Cloudways, and no longer to Cloudflare.

If the zone works, and you are unable to share the zone name here, I can’t help with much more.

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But you are able to add your site again to Cloudflare? With Cloudways?

The name of the zone is:

The A records point to Cloudflare:

> dig @ A +short

Everything seems to be working as should. I am just wondering what caused the email.

As @matteo said, you have changed your nameservers to those provided by Unless you are on a Partial setup this means that you are no longer using Cloudflare, and the domain will be deactivated.


I set up my DNS records according to the guide that Cloudways provided:

> dig @ TXT +short

> dig @ TXT +short

> dig @ A +short

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