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I have created a website using Zoho Sites and have my root domain and www pointed to zhs.zohosites.com as CNAME records in the Cloudflare’s DNS. Things work great for a day or two and then my home page returns a 404 file not found error but all the other pages on the site still display correctly. I have been working with Zoho for the past 2 weeks to resolve this issue and everytime they fix it, the issue returns after a day or two. This has been a recurring intermittent issue and now Zoho is pointing the issue to Cloudflare not being able to cache the correct IP. I don’t think this is a Cloudflare issue since the other pages resolve and display correctly, it is just my root domain. In fact if I enter my mydomain/index.html it displays correctly.

Before I switch to BlueHost, has anyone else experienced this issue and/or know how to resolve it?

Thank you!

Could you share your site address?

The website appears to open ok from my side and I see no redirects or errors.
Let us know if or when the 404 occurs again so we can take a closer look.

So the 404 error just occurred about an hour ago and I called Zoho support and they were able to resolve the issue within 5 minutes. The issue will most likely present itself again after 12 to 24 hours. This has been occurring ever since I switched to Cloudflare DNS. Zoho is asking me to switch back to my previous DNS and implying that the issue is with Cloudflare. Not sure how they can make that assumption when they are able to resolve the issue temporarily.

The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe they check wether your record replies with theirs as a CNAME, since Cloudflare will reply with its own IPs they will stop serving the site.

One solution, but you would loose the benefit of Cloudflare’s CDN would be to set the record to :grey:. Or maybe let it like it’s now, once the error shows up again try going to :grey: and see if that fixes it and doesn’t show up again.


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