ZeroTrust + WARP VPN

i had been using the WARP VPN on my devices for a long time and super happy with them. I just enrolled in ZeroTrust through to connect our corporate network to my devices… but once you do this the WARP VPN is no longer active, all your traffic not captured by the gateway is forwarded to your ISP.

there must be someway to have both?

The default behavior of a client in the Warp client when in Warp mode whether part of a Zero Trust or Consumer mode is that all* traffic goes through Cloudflare’s edge. It is possible to set up a Zero Trust org to use Warp in include only mode, but that’s not a standard configuration… and if your organization has opted to go that route you’re subject to their design decisions.

*local traffic and documented exceptions notwithstanding.

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ahh! i got it. just realized i did it in the reverse way initially. i just switched to exclude mode, excluded and now everything works.

does accessing WARP in this way through Zero Trust still get all the same benefits of WARP Unlimited?