ZeroTrust + Warp Teams MongoDB Atlas

Hey everyone!

We have rolled out Warp w/ Teams & Zero Trust. We have successfully mapped a local IP of one of our internal Redis instances and it works great as our developers no longer need to be on a VPN. The last item that requires a VPN is to connect to our development MongoDB Atlas Cluster. The instance of MongoDB is hosted by Atlas and requires waitlisting of ip addresses. We would like to use enrolled WARP clients to connect so we can completely eliminate the need for a VPN.

We attempted following a few of the tutorials and were unsuccessful in getting integration up and running. Mainly because Atlas is accessed the a URI string and not by an IP address if the cluster was self hosted. It would be nice if we had the ability to re-rout specific domains through a proxy w/ a known ip address.

Has anyone successfully been able to connect to a MongoDB Atlas Cluster using Warp + Teams ?