Zerotrust tunnel + pfsense not working

Hey everyone, i am trying to get zero trust tunnel to work so i can access nextcloud and my unraid server outside of my network. Nextcloud is running on docker (unraid).

I’ve followed instructions from networkchuck youtube channel and i am getting either a bad gateway or 404 error.

Supposedly i am not supposed to open any ports or have any proxy services handle anything on pfsense. So i am at a stopping point where i dont know what i can do. Any help is appreciated

Video i followed here:

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So strangely when i use http i can access nextcloud and shows secured with a google ssl certificate….

The video is actually very well made, and the steps are correct.

I’m suspecting that you don’t have a valid certificate on your NextCloud instance. Did you specific the HTTPS port for NextCloud? It’s supposed to be the standard 443, which doesn’t require it, but it may have been changed…?

I’m gonna also venture a guess you are using a private IP, so you should be able to freely share a screenshot of the config in the Zero Trust dashboard.

I appear to be having this same issue as well. I followed all the same steps as in the video but I receive “502 - Bad Gateway” errors when I try to use the public hostnames I create in the Zero Trust dashboard.

I found a solution that worked for me, and I don’t believe the issue is rooted in pfSense. Youtuber Raid Owl put up this video with steps to set up the Zero Trust tunnel manually and now my services are working properly!