ZeroTrust tunnel help

Hi if anyone could help would be so appreciated, I have been at this task for a while.
I have succeeded in taking my public Cloudflare domain and creating a tunnel to an internal ip of my Homeassistant (192.168.1.x:8123). I used Public host name pointing to http ://192.168.1.x:8123. It created a CNAME record to subdomain to the internal ip 192.168.1.x:8123. Seems to work fine and my companion app is able to use the domain url aswell.

My objective now is to add rules so that only the 3 companion apps on 3 different mobile phones still work while blocking anyone from typing in the Domain name and reaching it in a browser… I was able to onboard the devices that have the companion apps with WARP. I added the android apps and successfully onboarded/ added certs and changed private dns so that I have 3 gateway locations for each in my dashboard also.
Right now I can type in the public domain in the browser and it goes to homeassistant. I just want to make it so that only my 3 different home assisant user’s companion apps connect but not allowing typing it in the browser. Is it possible to restrict only these 3 mobile phones Companion apps to connect to the puplic domain?

Sorry if my explanation was bad I am new to this and was attempting on my own.
Any advice is appreciated.

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