zerotrust can't work in China

Status: Unable to connect
Error reason: Happy Eyeballs MITM Failure
Error description: Unable to establish WARP connection. Confirm if this device’s firewall allows WARP Ingress and/or UDP traffic.
Learn more: Client errors · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

It’s very well known:

But there isn’t anything you nor I can do about it:

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I got it because I selected free plan of ZT, so if I swithed to purchase plan, it would work! it that right?

There will be some additional configuration needed when you do have procured an ENT plan. You can work with the account team on the solution for you.

Can anyone explain where this setting is?

Our company has the enterprise plan, but China team cannot connect zerotrust.

Hello there, please reach out to your respective account team to assist you with this.

I’ve created support ticket from last Friday.

Support team escalate the case to so called customer success team, and now, it’s be escalated to China team.
I still cannot reach anyone who could resolve this issue directly.

I don’t care what teams you guys dealing with it. Why don’t just simply provide me the setting?

No way, an actual Enterprise Plan user!
I’m extremely curious how much the plan would cost (since it’s priced at “custom” per month), so would you be kind enough to shed some light on how much this plan would actually cost?
I know it probably fluctuates depending on the use-case scenario, but even a reference is fine.
Many thanks!

so are there any plans for an update for the zero trust service for free users too or is this it for free users in China

This is a company-level contract. I’m an engineer. I don’t know, and even don’t care.

Ohh… That’s okay. Still interesting to see companies utilizing this plan nonetheless. :blush:

Cloudflare’s China Network: A Case Study - Cloudflare TV

check this out…

Haha I’ve already read the blog post but I’ve never seen the video.
Now it’s pretty clear they in fact do hire domestic engineers into their facilities and infrastructures, which is quite an interesting observation.
Everything eventually boils down to money though, that I do at least understand.
Get a grasp on reality… That’s probably what it’s called.