Zero trust

I have created tunnel and installed cloudflared on my windows server as per instruction in zero trust dashboard and my application was working fine browsing securely from public.

I mistakenly deleted my tunnel from zero trust dashboard. After that I again created and when i tried to install cloudflared I got below error in my windows server:

Installing cloudflared Windows service
cloudflared service is already installed at Cloudflared; if you are running a cloudflared tunnel, you can point it to multiple origins, avoiding the need to run more than one cloudflared service in the same machine; otherwise if you are really sure, you can do cloudflared service uninstall to clean up the existing service and then try again this command

Please someone help me on this.

I have sort out the issue.

removed service using command cloudflared.exe service uninstall and after that again I installed as per instruction in zero trust dashboard.

Thank You.

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