Zero Trust (WARP) loosing connexion multiple times per day to 40+ employees


We’ve been using Cloudflare Zero Trust for maybe a year (Business plan).
So we’re now heavily dependant on it since we secured our applications behind Gateway, posture checks and Access

Since few weeks, employees are reporting that randomly, and multiple times per day, they are loosing their ability to reach internet (like no DNS resolution, every query to the internet result in not loading the site)

This issues is spread across our office (Paris, France) and also, on remote worker (mainly France, but some European countries also).
We don’t have any other VPN. The only thing we have is Zero Trust.
On 40+ employees, more than half reported that this issue is happening to them multiple times a day / week.

We tried:

  • the Beta client of WARP,
  • enforcing the latest version (2022.12.475.0) via our MDM

but nothing seems to fix it. Again today, 5th January, some work has been lost due to saving work on web applications while having “no internet”.

The only thing that fixes the issue is to turn off Zero Trust (WARP) and turn it on again until the next time this issues occurs.

Our fleet is 100% MacOS, on 13.x versions.
We use Crowdstrike as EDR.

Has anyone noticed that ?
Is Cloudflare aware of this ? Their support is usually lacking knowledge and accuracy when it comes to Zero Trust