Zero Trust Warp Impacts Internet Speeds

We’ve been using the Zero Trust tunnel to get access to our remote desktop via the Cloudflare Warp app. This works great, but I’ve noticed it really take a hit to internet speeds at the user end. For instance, I’m getting 300 down/11 up when the app is disconnected, but when it is on I’m getting 100 down/10 up.

Is this normal? Thank you

It depends how you’re testing it. If you’re only using it for RDP connections you could use the split tunnel feature with the “include” option so only our RDP connections go through WARP and everything uses your default gateway.

I noticed the same, and have a couple of thoughts.

  1. When you’re connected, your source for the speed test is an IP on the Cloudflare network. I’m not sure if the test results are still reliable or not (i.e. what the speed test site reports might be incorrect). Zscaler works similar to Cloudflare and speeds also are reported slower. Have you tried real-world tests like large file downloads, etc.? I haven’t had a chance to do so yet but that’s how I plan to determine whether the reported speeds are accurate. I’m on gigabit, and when connected to WARP my speeds were dropping from 650/40 to 130/40.

  2. As @Albertus mentioned, if speeds really are slower, you can use the split tunnel feature to limit the traffic that traverses the tunnel.

For now I disabled the WARP tunnel and am just using DoH because all I really wanted was DNS filtering anyhow.