Zero Trust Warp DNS randomly disconnects on OSX

There’s been numerous open issues about the Warp Client’s DNS failures and nothing seems to be done to fix it.

Randomly, some DNS requests will fail when connected to Warp/Zero Trust (Team) on OSX.

A computer restart does not fix the issue. It’s really random and frustrating because tomorrow or even tonight it might work without changing anything on my end.

I am also using the latest Warp Client



When turning off Warp, everything works

/etc/resolv.conf returns the following nameservers when connected


DNS server is able to resolv but unable to load website (tested on chrome, firefox and safari); turning off Warp will load the page.



A colleague of mine is able to load Gmail ( but is unable to load other websites…

Other relevant info:

  • He’s on OSX 13.2
  • I’m on OSX 13.2.1

Other relevant issues:

Could it be affected by the current outage? I doubt because we’re not getting 504 errors.