Zero Trust Users - Continue Page

We are currently piloting a number of users on Cloudflare Zero Trust.

We have HTTP policies that allow / deny website access by category. We use policies to send users to an isolated browser in some higher-risk categories.

However, we would like to have a splash page or continue page displayed to users when this policy executes when users are sent to isolation. Has anyone been able to configure this with the current policy engine? We were experimenting with using the Override and Isolate features but have not gotten this to work.

Example Bussiness Use Case: We do some business with Casinos, but our company policy does not allow gambling/gaming on corporate systems. If we block the Gambling category, our users cannot interact with these business partners. We would like to allow the category but display a warning page and have the users be redirected to an isolated browser to have access.

We would like to do the same with other categories, like the redirect category or login screens.


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