Zero Trust - Unable to add user to an access policy

I have a Cloudflare tunnel that is live. I’m trying to protect a self hosted application. However, I’m unable to add users to access policy.

From your docs:
Setting/authentication/One time pin

Set up OTP

In the Zero Trust dashboard, go to Settings > Authenticaton.
Under Login methods, select Add new.
Select One-time PIN.
If your organization uses a 3rd party email scanning service (for example, Mimecast or Barracuda), add [email protected] to your Allow List.

To grant a user access to an application, simply add their email address to an Access policy.

I click on this link:

and get this error:
The account 's Account does not belong to the authenticated user.
Return to home page

Please help. Thank you.

I’m having the same issue.
but going to OTP docs has a link that send to the manage access docs
still trying to set a policy for email and one-time pin doesn’t work, any email is able to get a pin