Zero Trust UDP

I’ve been poking around learning zero trust. I have everything working I’ve tried so far but game servers. I’ve seen a few things online it’s possible to forward UDP, some say it’s not. It appears maybe it’s behind a paywall is that true as of now? I really only see one guide and comment about how to do it by hosting your own dns resolver.

Zero Trust tunnel supporting UDP? is the one thing that comes up when I search for it.

It depends what you’re looking for. You won’t be able to expose a game server/udp to the public internet, so that people could just connect via your public hostname or anything. You can use WARP w/ Private Networking, WARP being CF’s Wireguard VPN, which can support tcp/udp/icmp. Each client who you want to be able to send udp traffic to your internal network would need to download, login, and constantly run Cloudflare WARP to be able to connect though, which makes it unfeasible for Public Servers for example.

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That’s what I was worried about. What you’re describing is what I’m looking for. The zero trust is going to be good for me and my wife to access home assistant or cameras but not for cousins to access the game servers. Unfortunate, I appreciate the answer. I was hoping to use one solution but looks like maybe I’ll have to try There’s no paid service like that in cloudflare right? It seems like it’s mostly enterprise stuff they’re trying to sell which I get.

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