Zero Trust tunnels and mobile apps

Hey folks,

I just started with Zero Trust tunnels, very impressed with the performance and ease of use. I’m currently investigating the functionality available by exposing some of my internal services. The services I’m exploring is NextCloud, HomeAssistant and ssh that are all hosted on my personal linux box.

I have set things up so I can successfully connect to and ssh

Where I run into trouble is when I try to access and from the companion iOS apps. When I try to login I get an error message.

In hindsight it seems obvious – since the device is not authorized, Cloudflare throws up a login page which the mobile apps don’t expect and therefore error out.

So far I’m really loving the Cloudflare experience, but inability to use mobile apps is a deal breaker. I’ve spent some time researching but I can’t find any work arounds for this. Are there any? Would appreciate a pointer.


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