Zero Trust Tunneling Minecraft Server

Hello, I’m currently trying to set up the ability to route any traffic that is outside my LAN that looks to connect to my Minecraft server. I’m seeking to use Cloudflare though because of the zero trust option and tunneling. If I could tunnel it would allow my IP to stay out of the equation. Also by my understanding if I tunneled any incoming requests would route through Cloudflare which would mean I would have a form of ddos/dos protection. I’m not sure how to set this up though. I’ve made tunnels and the hooked my domain into Cloudflare but I’m unsure what I’m missing to be able to route it to my home Minecraft server. Any help is appreciated same as critique.

I’m also looking to use Cloudflare cause then I could host other games and also have a form of protection. (one again as I understand from what I’ve read and watched)

You can run a Minecraft server with Cloudflared, but every client that wants to connect also need Cloudflared installed, which limits the scalability.

Could you recommend any other service or something of the like?

I just need to be able to protect my home network and possibly use the [recommended service] for other games hosted on my home server. Thank you.

A quick Google search found:

for me using that for Minecraft Small server and work very well