Zero Trust Tunnel

Já procurei desesperadamente no youtube mas não achei algo para me ajudar. Estou utilizando o nexcloud e Cloudflare no proxymox, no entanto não consigo criar um tunnel para acessar o nexcloud externamente.
O domínio está ok
O Cloudflare reconheceu trafico do tunnel

só que a página não abre

Your error screen says there’s no DNS record for that hostname.

A Tunnel hostname should not resolve as a CNAME. It should be :orange: Proxied.

That may be why the browser returns an error. The CNAME target of your Tunnel might not be resolving for you, nor does it need to. :orange: Proxy that record, and it should help.

I think it is already

Sure looks like it…except that it’s really resolving as a CNAME. Something’s wrong. Did you Pause Cloudflare?

I paused cloudflare, changed the server name and after 10 minutes I turned it on again and nothing. :smiling_face_with_tear:

What do you mean by that? I didn’t see any issues with your DNS records or hostnames.

I misinterpreted here

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