Zero Trust Tunnel - Public Hostname format

Hello all,

I’ve had the hardest time finding an answer for this but hopefully someone can help me. I wanted to know if cloudflare tunnels support public hostnames with the format below?

I had issues with my server after reconfiguring it to use that websitez I received an internal server error and I tried to see if there was information about public hostname formats that are supported/unsupported but I either missed it or it’s not documented on their website. I didn’t really see anything here either.

Thanks for the help!

That’s more than just a hostname. It includes a path. It should just be

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That’s correct I got it working with just But I was curious if Cloudflare tunnels support public hostnames with a path because when you setup up the public hostname it has an option for a path when you set it up.

I just thought it would be cleaner and professional to have my domain use the /path option for different applications. I’m just uncertain if it is supported by Cloudflare tunnels and wanted to know if someone else knew the answer to that question from experience or by finding it on the documentation?

Tunnels are essentially a DNS record that points to the tunnel. I suspect the Path portion is so you can split off requests based upon path, though it will still go to the same server. So, cloudflared on the server will route /path1 to one place, /path2 to another, and the rest to yet another. That’s just my take on it. I’ve never partitioned out a hostname to go to different places on an origin.