Zero Trust Tunnel Multiple Profiles

Hello Cloudflare Community,

We recently adopted the Cloudflare Zero Trust platform with a tunnel deployed to manage our network traffic. Initially, we configured a default profile that routes certain domain and IP range traffic through Cloudflare, which then directs it into the tunnel.

However, we encounter situations where it is necessary to route all user traffic through Cloudflare, especially when certain services like Slack or Teams are blocked on local networks. In our previous setup with Pritunl, users had the flexibility of two profiles (a default and an all-traffic profile) and could switch between them as needed.

In attempting to replicate this functionality in Cloudflare, I created a new profile with specific rules, but now users are only connecting through this new profile and can’t switch back to the default one.

Could someone guide me on how to enable manual switching between these profiles in the Cloudflare WARP client, or if there’s another solution within Cloudflare Zero Trust to manage this?

Thank you!

Hi there,

This might be what you’re searching for:

Take care.