Zero Trust tunnel config massive bug

Hey people, I’ve had the strangest bug yesterday.

While adding my CNAME’s in my tunnel through the Zero trust dashboard, as off adding one and then refreshing the page, all CNAME’s that were configured just literally disappeared from the tunnel. What’s interesting is that they remained in the DNS tab as created CNAMES but were not active and nothing that they pointed to was working. Has anyone else observed a similar bug?

Hi @marin.govedarski - I’m Abe from the Product team. I’m not able to reproduce this issue, but would happy to take a look if you’re still experiencing this. Would you mind opening a support ticket and then sharing the ticket number here shortly after? We’ll likely need a .har file and the Tunnel ID you saw this behavior for.

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I have experienced this issue as well two times till now.

As described, I have created a new Hostname in an existing tunnel that had around 13 existing hostnames. After finishing it, all the other hostnames were gone in the Tunnel config and the CNAME records in the DNS section remained untouched.

@abe Unfortunately i was unable to find the ticket section to create one, but I think I found the Tunnel nr. b4e65c9c-4339-4360-9ac2-e508427901c4. It happened twice on this one.

Last time was on the 06.11.2022 at 19:23.

Thank you for confirming that you’re able to reproduce this behavior. If you have a Cloudflare account, you should be able to open a ticket from our support portal

After, if you share the ticket number here I’ll look up your issue and request additional information which may be useful while debugging.

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Hey @abe

Since I’m on the free plan, I can only create tickets in some categories, which would not fit the topic.
Should i just create a ticket in a topic i can create it?

Can’t edit my last message…
Here is a Screenshot of the exact message:



In that case, any category will work and I will flag it internally.


Ticket Number is: 2611740

Thank you! We’ve flagged this internally and will provide updates in the ticket :+1:


Hi @Hutch79 do you think you could provide us with a HAR? I am taking a look internally but am also having trouble reproducing the issue - thanks!

Hey @jsteinberger
I have no clue what a HAR is.

Maybe the Bug happens if you let a Tab open for a while (hours or days) and then add a new hostname.
I mostly let my Tabs open for days and weeks without reloading them. Maybe I had the configuration for the hostnames open in such a tab and that was the trigger it needed to do wipe the config.

Just found out what an HAR is.

I will try to recreate it and generate such a file.


Thanks! Much appreciated, it would really help us diagnose and fix this

Until now, I sadly had no success in recreating the Bug.