Zero trust tunnel blocking popup windows

I have tunnels created using zero trust, and the public hostname run perfectly until the app try to open a popup windows, in this moment the system not response more.

Is the tunnel or Cloudflare blocking the popup new windows in the same session ?

I’m not sure I understand…

Popup windows on a client browser are unrelated to Cloudflare Tunnel. If you’re seeing them being blocked, it may be a result of:

  • an adblocker extension on your browser
  • the browser itself blocking popups
  • another setting on your client computer

Cloudflare Tunnel only proxies traffic and shouldn’t interfere or change popup behavior in any way.

Thanks. I think the same but in two apps with tunnel configured and using proxy enable in DNS have the same problem, when the app try calling a routine using an pop-up window the app generate blank window and the routine called not responding

Are they console logs showing the error? Network requests that are failing? Would be able to share the sites that are having this issue?