Zero Trust Setup - Can't add App Launcher Rule or Create Device Enrollment Policy

I’m having problems setting up an App Launcher rule or Creating a Device Enrollment Policy in Cloudflare Zero Trust (Free Plan).

Here are the steps I go through setting up the App Launcher Rule:

App Launcher | Add Rule
Rule Named: Home
Rule Action: Allow
Include Selector: Emails Ending in : mydomainname . com
Have tried setting a Require Option of Country, Login Method, or just nothing.

Error: Error configuring your application: access.api.error.invalid_request: name is a required field

Here are the steps I go through setting up the Device Enrollment Policy:

My Team | Devices |Connect a Device
1 | Create an enrollment policy
Include users whose email address ends in: (mydomainname . com)

Error | It just times out after clicking save (after entering email domain)
Also sometimes see this error: access.api.error.warp_app_not_found



I am Facing the Same issue here. We intended to test out the Product.

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Same issue here

exact same issue here too
i have been retrying for the past 2 days

anyone familiar with this issue?

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the reports. We’re aware of this issue and a fix is currently in the works.

In the meantime, you may be able to work around this by using the API instead:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

I had these errors as well, however was finally able to get a Device Enrollment Policy to stick.

Previously when Saving on the Device Enrollment Permissions screen I’d get the notice saying ‘Are you sure you want to save with no enrollment policies?’ (<-- error wording here may not be exact). This led me to try to add a rule to avoid ‘saving with no rules/policies’. However I was unable to add one, they were just disappearing whenever I tried. I rebooted, switched browsers, waited a day, tried selecting and re-selecting different options for rules, etc. Also tried doing it through “My Team” | “Devices” where there was a quick way to make an enrollment policy by entering your name. That didn’t work either.

But just now, as I was trying again, I clicked “Save” on the Device Enrollment Permissions screen, got the warning about having no policies, but decided to go ahead and it like that anyway (how could things be any worse?). Then I immediately went back in to the Device Enrollment Permissions screen, proceeded to click the button to make a rule, and that worked! The rule appeared. So the bug must be around partial configuration, maybe if you navigate away from that screen without saving, and saving with no rules resets it…?

Saving App Launcher with no rules and then going back in to create one didn’t work however, I get the same error about ‘a name required’.

same issue here

Was now able to make an App Launcher rule, was messing around some more, maybe a combination of saving/canceling helped, or maybe just a coincidence and they just fixed it.

Hi Alan,

I can confirmed your workaround helped me setup the device and app rules.

Thanks for the help.


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