Zero Trust Service Mode

We use Cloudflare Zero Trust Gateway and allow devices to switch from WARP mode and DoH mode.
(set in Settings > WARP Client > Mode switch)
We also have the default mode Service Mode set to WARP.
(set in Settings > WARP Client > Service mode)
Is it possible to have some registered devices/users Service Mode set to DoH and the remaining devices/users set to WARP?
Currently as it looks, it is an either/or situatuation.

Yes, if you use a managed deployment and specify the parameters the config settings deployed via MdM take preference of defaults configured in the console. So you can have a global default (aka a default for unamanged devices) and then override that for specific users/ groups in a managed deployment.

Most of the parameters listed below are also configurable in the Zero Trust Dashboard under Settings > Devices. In the event of conflicting settings, the WARP client will always give precedence to settings on the local device (for example, in your mdm.xml or com.cloudflare.warp.plist files).

Great, thanks for the response. I probably should have know that one, or read the documentation more thoroughly.

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