Zero Trust Seats Downgrading from Enterprise

We’ve just been downgraded from Enterprise, and we’ve availed Zero Trust Free plan. Do the number of seats we have reset?

Currently, our dashboard shows that we have 108 seats used, and we no longer have that many active users. Will that figure reset, or will we have to pay for those above 50? How much will we be charged, same as ZTS Pro rates?

I guess this is a side effect of downgrading any features from Enterprise, not only Zero Trust seats, but can also happen on anything else such as load balancer count, etc.

The current seats usage (108) will be always there in the system, unless you do one of the following:

  1. Remove unused/dormant users manually from the Zero Trust dashboard, make it drop below 50 (essentially the number of free seats given by Cloudflare)
  2. Configure User Seat Expiration - located in Settings - Account, then choose between 2 months to 12 months

We configured this for one of my clients and the seats usage dropped significantly as they have lots of inactive users in their organization.

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