Zero Trust: Regarding private network, tunnels, etc

Hi folks,

I guess to open up the thread I’m not a networking savvy I can certainly use UFW the best I can when it comes to just opening ports that I need but beyond that I’m pretty useless in networking.

Right now I have 2 servers connected though CFA. I can SSH through them with short-lived certificates just fine. However, what if I want to close all the ports from those servers and just let them see each other through the tunnels? Is that something that can be done?


IP 1 (app server) <-> IP 2 (db server) (different tunnels)

Would there be a way to communicate through them leveraging cloudflared ?

Could I direct all the public traffic in a load balancer to one of the tunnels ? I feel like I tried once but failed miserably so not sure if I have to do any extra setup.

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