Zero Trust - RDP

I installed cloudflared on both the host and client machine, yet when I go to connect RDP says “Configuring remote connection…” then errors out saying it cannot connect. Are there any ways to view logs to see exactly what is going on?

Might be of help if we’d run the command with the --loglevel debug at the end.

Nevertheless, I was also close for that, but never actually made it work as expected, at least not for Windows Server OS. Haven’t tried yet on Windows OS.

VNC yes, works in a Web browser, but lacks a bit of functions as mouse pointer, ctrl+alt+delete, etc.

Other option which I haven’t tried yet, but planning next week would be running a Guacamole:

There are other topics with some questions, doubts, issues, and ideas for that too:

So the server I am attempting to RDP to is a baremetal server in a remote location that is public facing. My goal was to be able to RDP to it using Zero Trust, just like how I can SSH to my other servers. To make that work it appears that you need to create a tunnel from the remote server to CF, then create a tunnel from my workstation to CF as well. That isn’t really a solution I’m really interested in as I’m going to have other people RDP’ing as well. I currently have Duo Mobile (2FA) on the server so it’s not a huge deal, but I would’ve preferred to close the RDP ports on the windows firewall.