Zero Trust Private Network Not Working

Send an email to me, [email protected], I will send you my guide. Hope it help.

That’s very kind of you to offer, but I’d prefer that we work here so that everyone else who is stock can get help too.

Ok. But I cannot send you here :slight_smile:

Oh, I can send link. Please have a look on it.!AsX6wy_Atyizl4ILo7DS2gSOpYgtaQ?e=ZclCIe

Thank you so much for this!

I followed every step and it’s still not working. Again, the tunnel is healthy because the public hostname items work perfectly. I just can’t access the private network.

This is your network, right?
Try to change subnet mask and see it helps or not.

Yes, that looks right to me. Change my subnet? I have a lot of production. I can’t change it.

Sure. It’s time other with deeper level in CF Zero Trust take part in.
Good luck.

Sort of related. In my settings page, the split tunnel options don’t even exist anymore. Did this happen to anyone else? It’s pretty frustrating since I needed to check some settings, but I can’t.

You’re right. It vanished!

I wish Cloudflare Support would step up and help us with this. I’m very disappointed that after weeks, no one has jumped in to help from their team.

PS: thank you to those of you not on their payroll that attempted to help.

Update: my colleague also face the problem. He could not connect to the nas in the network, but he could access printer in local network. The vpn function works.
The nas works as a reverse proxy server. So, he could not connect to the nas.

Any solution or is he stuck too?

The same to you.

@Cloudflare, we’d love to some input. Your community is confused with your product.