Zero Trust on Public host name

Hello all,

I’m trying to make a zero trust configuration, where devices can only access the self hosted applications with public host name when they enrolled and warp client installed and logged in.

here is my config.

Only one access group.

Two Device enrolled

Device Posted with warp client configured.

On the application side i have created one rule to required warp client.

However, when i tired to access my public host name with the warp client zero trust turned on, it says i don’t have permission.

Below is the error.

Would be great if some can guide me what wrong i am doing.


It appears you have Warp configured in Include Split tunnel move vs. the default. Have you included the public IPs of these hostnames in the include list?

Split Tunnels · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs(Default,be%20sent%20to%20Cloudflare%20Gateway.


@cscharff Thank you so much for the guidance, i was able to figure out with your suggestion on the split tunnels and thank you for sharing the docs.


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