Zero Trust not showing Tunnel

I used Cloudflare Tunnel as a Docker Container on my server. Recently my watchtower updated my cloudflare image and now my created Tunnel is not visible anymore in the interface. What now?

Edit: The tunnel is existing because I cant use the name and my previous tunnels are functioning

I am currently facing the same issue. After multiple page reloads, my tunnels are now visible again.

I refreshed the token for one of my tunnels, but the new token is not appearing in the ‘run the following command’ box. I also checked the cloudflared logs, which are reporting the following error: ‘Register tunnel error from the server side - error=“Unauthorized: Invalid tunnel secret” connIndex=0 event=0 ip=nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn.’

I also tried using an incognito tab, just in case the problem was a cookie issue, but the results were the same. It seems that the token was refreshed but is not being displayed on the page.

Issue seems to be resolved.

I resolved the issue and added the ignore label for watchtower to the Cloudflare container