Zero Trust: No super administrator (just one administrator)

My Cloudflare Zero Trust account has only one user (myself), and I’m only an Administrator (not a Super Administrator), which apparently means I can’t add new users to the account. How can I promote myself to a super administrator? I am not the owner of the team account, but the owner of the team account also doesn’t have access to zero trust

Although if you’re trying to allow users to access to a resource behind a Zero Trust policy you don’t need to add them to the account, they simply need to be eligible to access the policy based on the policy criteria. When they log in they get access, no pre-seeding of a user as an account required.

hmm ok, well we’re not on enterprise and our super administrator isn’t on our zero trust, which seems like it should be impossible to me (it seems like a super administrator should be able to to invite themself to zero trust)

Where are you expecting to see them?

I’m expecting to see him in the Users list (Cloudflare Zero Trust), but I’m the only one there with no ability to add/invite other users. When he goes on that page, he also only sees me and he also doesn’t have the ability to add/invite other users.

Users aren’t invited into Zero Trust - they will appear when they use a seat.

Anyone who authenticates with one of your Access applications or enrolls into your organisation using WARP for Teams will take a seat, and appear in the user list.

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