Zero Trust no history data is shown

Hello Community,

I recently activated Cloudflare Zero Trust service. And after creating a location it provided me DNS addresses which I should use.
So I used provided DNS IP4 addresses in my home router, which started distributing that DNS address to all DHCP client devices at home. And on the first day I saw that some statistics started appearing on Zero Trust dashboard.
But after that first time whenever I open Zero Trust dashboard it shows “You should start seeing data from your network soon.”. And refreshing the page several times it may show the chart and then again same message that data will be shown soon.
Same is for Zero Trust → Analytics → Gateway page.
Zero Trust → Logs → Gateway page only showed first day, after that regardless how many times I refresh nothing is shown.

I am not using WARP clients, not using VPN or other services from Zero Trust, just have DNS servers set on my home devices and want to see the DNS requests loged and shown on Zero Trust, am I doing something wrong?


It should just work with the way that you’re doing it as far as I’m aware but it could be delayed - now that another day has passed, are you seeing any stats?

Hey, thanks for reply.
No unfortunately no stats appeared. And before writing this post I was trying for a week, so the problem should net be related to delay, but something else.
But I have another question (which may be the reason of my problem) - what if my ISP changes my IP address and now it differs from what is set in Location Settings of Zero Trust? Will it stop collecting new logs but continue showing me old stats?

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