Zero-trust: no email received


We’re trying to setup Zero-Trust.
We have setup our site under domain.

When we visit our portal at https://[ourdomain] we enter an email to receive an OTP to the email.

But the email is never received?
Tried several emails.


To use the app launcher you’d need a policy in place and the emails will need to match.

If you’ve published an application you should be abnope to access it directly without going through the app launcher in most scenarios.

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Thanks for the reply.

To be honest I’m trying to figure out how this works.
For start I’m trying to setup two things

  1. Esxi host access. The HTTPS UI of an Esxi7 installation
  2. WebDAV running on IIS server

I have to make one application for each occasion, Correct?


I wonder if this was related to a recent incident stated on the Cloudflare Status Page? :thinking: