Zero Trust keeps putting me in a different country


Something changed about 2-3 days ago with Zero Trust on Windows (I don’t know what) and it started causing me issues. Because of this sudden change, some websites that I rely on and access almost 12 hours a day are not responding or functioning correctly anymore.

After a long time of troubleshooting, I discovered that the reason is because Zero Trust is now putting me in a different location (mainly UK & Netherlands). Something definitely changed because it always used to connect me to the closest Cloudflare server, and that was in Saudi Arabia (where im located). We have 3 Cloudflare locations in my country as you can see in the service status and they’re all operational.

Having my location set in a different country is causing me issues due to geographical restrictions with some of the websites that im accessing. The weird thing is that switching back to the regular WARP client works completely fine and it still connects me to a server in Saudi Arabia as usual, but that’s not the case with Zero Trust anymore. What changed?

I can only use Zero Trust because I can configure it to split tunnel selected domains and everything has been working fine for 3+ months. Using WARP does not work for me because I can’t choose what to tunnel, so it affects my entire connection and that causes me more issues.

What can I do about this? It feels like a question that only Cloudflare support can answer, but it is not allowing me to contact them with a free plan. Please help.


I have a similar problem. Living in Croatia and after activating Warp I get a Bulgarian IP address which makes my Google results in Cyrillic but also gets me recaptcha popping up very often.

With this setup, Warp is practically useless.


Do I need to subscribe to one of their plans just so I can ask their support one simple question? What a joke.

I don’t know what happened, but I decided to go back to Zero Trust to see if anything has changed, and yes! Things are back to normal operation and im now being connected to a local server like usual. I can finally do my day-to-day things comfortably!

Cloudflare, please do not give me a scare like that ever again.