Zero Trust High-Availability proxy to reduce tunnels


I am interested in ZTNA implemented a few tunnels, which are running as expected.

Currently each host that provides a service has a separate Cloudflared tunnel.
The next step I want to achieve is to have 2 hosts for high-availability (to act as a proxy/tunnel concentrator), that will establish the Cloudflared tunnel to Cloudflare network, and all remote WARP clients will connect to one of these 2 hosts and then access the services running on other hosts.

Wanted to ask the community if someone have managed to do it already and if this is possible?

Would be great if Cloudflare provide in the future a virtual machine to act as a proxy.

Many thanks in advance,

That sure sounds like load balancing to me. If not, then what is it about load balancing that doesn’t satisfy your requirements?

You can run multiple replicas of the same tunnel to provide high availability.


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cscharff, this looks what I am looking for. Thanks a lot, indeed.

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