Zero Trust DNS filtering issues with HSTS

I am trying to use Zero Trust DNS Firewall policies for Content filtering, but have hit a snag. When I set the network DNS with the Zero Trust DNS servers, I encounter the following:

If I leave DNS over HTTPS at the default level in Firefox or Chrome, filtering works, but many sites that use HSTS will not load, including cloudflare’s * sites. If I enable DOH with default settings (Cloudflare, HSTS works, but then nothing gets filtered. If I use the custom DNS over HTTPS address given to my location in Zero Trust ( I cannot connect to any website at all.

Has anyone else encountered this? What can I do to get it working? I try pinging my address and get nothing.

Here is what I am getting in Firefox when I try to use the provided Cloudflare DoH address:


Should anyone else ever encounter this issue, I found the fix. I was attempting to use Zero Trust Cloudflare to block outbound traffic to most countries, and for some reason that was causing this. I disabled this filter and now it works perfectly.