Zero Trust - DNS Block page not working for MacOS and Chrome Windows

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What is the error number?


What is the issue you’re encountering

We have setup Cloudflare zero trust , installed WARP client , Windows Root certificates are auto installed , Mac was manually installed . DNS policy in place , works only for Edge /Windows 11 , but do not show the custom block page for Chrome in Windows and any browser in Mac OS

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If this is working for some applications and not others then it sounds like the root certificate may have been installed only in a specific trust store or for some applications. Are you able to see the certificate being presented when you see the error? This should confirm if the Cloudflare Certificate is there and just not trusted for some reason.

Thanks for the response . So now situation is that its working in Windows Edge and not working in Chrome and Firefox . Just installed the WARP client and no manual installation of certificate at machine level or browser level .

MacOS is now working , installed WARP client and installed the certificate at OS level and trusted it . So Mac is good .

Installed the certificates manually in Chrome and Firefox and still issues

Firefox error

Chrome error