Zero trust cloudflared tunnel version showing outdated

I have multiple “Managed” Zero Trust tunnels that were deployed through the Zero Trust/Access/Tunnels dashboard (IE: Copy this command, and wait for connector). All of these tunnels end points are Ubuntu 22.04 linux VMs or LXC containers. In the Dashboard all of them are showing Version outdated. I confirm this with the cloudflared --version command on the tunnel end point. I was under the impression that “Managed” meant Cloudflare would update the version of ClouldflareD automatically through the addition of a repo. It seem that the script just pulls down the latest version from github, and makes no allowance for keeping it updated such as adding a repo. How are people keeping this version of cloudflareD updated? Adding a repo manually? If so that seems like something they should tell you when creating a a tunnel.



There is an apt/yum repo available with instructions at

Yes I’ve worked with that apt repo before. I just wanted to know how this package was to be updated officially. I find it strange that CF would push out a static install script, and not denote that it needs updating even if manually. Truly an amazing product, but the Tunnel deployment dashboard needs a note about updating the package.

Anyone else have any experience with this topic?


At least for debian, you can just download the latest deb and install it, and then restart the service, ex for linux debian 64-bit:

curl -L --output cloudflared.deb && 

sudo dpkg -i cloudflared.deb && 

sudo systemctl restart cloudflared

I assume similiar for rhel.

Yea, it does tell you when your connectors get out of date, but that’s about it. If you’re interested in zero downtime updates, the downloads page has a section on that as well: Downloads · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Glad to know that dpkg -i install doesn’t wipe the existing tunnel config. Thanks