Zero Trust Client: pause/disable settings unavailable

We’ve been using the Cloudflare Teams/Zero Trust product for a while. I noticed today after updating the WARP client that the “Connection” tab in Preferences is mostly grayed out. Previously, our employees could configure which wifi networks they wanted to pause WARP on.

How do I give our users access to these settings again? I’ve looked through all of the options I can find in the new Zero Trust dashboard but I can’t find anything for this issue.


I can see a Wi-Fi network configured. In the latest version I’m unable to remove or change the list.

I’m seeing the same issue as the OP on the latest versions for MacOS and in addition to not being able to add any/change trusted WiFi networks it is not possible to enable or disable the All WiFi or All Wired options either. It appears that while some of the client settings are now configurable from the Zero Trust Dashboard, there is nothing exposed to allow trusted WiFi networks to be added to the client.

I’ve been unable to add/change networks on the iOS version for some time as the facility to do that appears to have been removed sometime last year.

I have the same problem.
Under OS X warp I can set up trusted wifi network.
Under Windows warp this option is unavailable. Even not blocked. I can’t see it after login to teams account.

any update on this? Need to be able to pause / disable when connected to corporate wifi network - routing via Cloudflare is too slow

I’m setting up my SO’s phone, and I’m unable to add our wifi network because of this. Warp is always on.

See my post here with the answer:

TLDR: It’s intentional that this doesn’t work/isn’t available on Zero Trust plans as it would allow end users to bypass company mandated Gateway rules as they wish.

@asher @kkrum Not every org is using mandated gateway rules. I’d still really like an option to allow users to access these settings.

Then just allow the users to turn it off whenever they want.

cscharff’s suggestion is the only workaround right now. The solution we are planning to deliver in Q2 is how we plan to fix this long term for you.

It’s now the end of Q2. When will this feature be available? It’s not just about users being in control but also enterprises forcing the system to be disabled when connecting to a corporate wi-fi which is routing through an enterprise firewall.

Sadly this feature was delayed. It is still on our near term (mid-late 2022) roadmap and one of the features I hope to ship soon.

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