[Zero Trust] Can't find where to add device

I signed up for Cloudflare zero-trust Free Plan, but I can’t add any devices to [my team] - [devices]

Devices show up when the Warp client used logs into the associated team.

I hadn’t checked that, but mine’s blank. We have a handful of iOS devices logged into the Gateway. That’s the unique DoH hostname, right? Because WARP on those devices is purple.

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Sounds like a bug. :logo: should look into that. My team devices are showing up. :person_shrugging:


Does it require Device Enrollment Permissions?

If you are logged into Teams Cloudflare One Zero Trust and been active in the last nn days then your device will appear…. Unless :logo: has bug.


Thank you, it looks like I should create some device enrollment rules to define which users in your organization should be able to connect devices.

Now I can see my devices now🥰

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