Zero trust application browser rendering missing RDP


In the Zero trust application settings under “Additional settings”, Browser rendering, SSH and VNC is available.

We need RDP since we don’t/can’t use VNC (which server is terrible to use/install :slight_smile: ).
RDP would be perfect since we have consultants that needs temp RDP access for checking internal systems through Windows terminal servers. We don’t want them to use IP to IP connections.

Is there any plan for adding RDP? And if it is, what’s the expected timeline?

Browser RDP is not supported at this time. The last mention of it was a while ago in a random blog post where it was mentioned as “Coming soon” - there hasn’t been any word or ETA since then so it’s not known whether the work is still ongoing or whether the plans have been ditched.

Ok, is it possible to follow the status/progress of this somewhere?

None that I am aware of, except which may have a post if they add it.

Ok, thanks a lot and have a great day.